Wrath 2008 Pinot Noir

San Saba Vineyard, Monterey

Wrath 2008 Pinot Noir

Vineyard at Wrath Wines "see the cows running by?"

Wrath Wines 2008 Pinot Noir, San Saba Vineyard, Monterey

Our 2nd stop of our wine tasting in Monterey County was at Wrath Wines. Their tasting room was roomy and overlooks a large pond. The label, I thought, was quite contemporary, very clean. The charge for wine tasting was $10 of 3-4 wines, but as with most wineries, the tasting fee is waived if you buy a bottle of their wine. The wines are quite expensive, so we left with just one bottle purchased at $49, which we’ll save to enjoy on a more special occasion.

The winner on the list of wines at Wrath was the 2008 Pinot Noir, more full body, with soft tannins, nice aroma and smooth to the finish. I’ve mentioned on a previous post which areas, in my opinion, make the better wines….Pinot Noir is best found in Monterey County. This will be listed in my yummy wines, too bad the price is out of my budget.

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