Nottage Hill 2006 Shiraz – Australia

Shiraz - Australia

Nottage Hill 2006 Shiraz

This South Eastern Australian Shiraz, makers Thomas Hardy & Sons, bottle price I found for under $5, is definitely one to keep.  I’ve gathered my own opinion on what regions have the best Merlot, Cab, Shiraz/Syrah, Pinot, or Chardonnay.  But that’ll have to be another discussion post of what I think.

I haven’t been disappointed in a Shiraz/Syrah from Australia yet.  Yup, you guessed it, in my opinion, Australia makes the best Shiraz/Syrah.

Back to my review on Nottage Hill 2006 Shiraz, what the bottle says, “full bodied dry wine shows spicy varietal fruit flavors typical of this classic Australian style. A rich, smooth wine with the complexity of subtle oak characters, soft tannins and a persistent finish”.  I definitely agree with it’s description, minus the dry and spicy.  This wine is smooth with soft tannins, which I prefer, and has a long lasting finish.  Alcohol is 13.5%/Vol.

I dare you to take a blind test on this one, and compare it to a more expensive bottle of Shiraz.   You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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